Our Story


Author’s Bay is a dynamic Christian Independent band consisting of five siblings and one spouse. Performing together since they were young, their folk-pop/alternative rock sound is compositionally driven by their experiences, passions, and beliefs. They independently write, record, mix, and perform music that is relatable to both believers and non-believers, inspiring change, compassion, and love. 


Singing on stage and in tours with her family since she was 3-years-old, Shaeana is a supporting songwriter for the band as well as the band’s keyboardist, and a vocalist.


As the youngest band member, Summer holds her own not only with her amazing voice, but in filling the role of bass guitarist.


Matthew is the band’s drummer and percussionist. His experience singing in harmony with his sibling also makes Matthew an important contributor to vocal performances.


Australian born Luke has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old and drums since he was 14. He is the bands lead guitarist. With a love and passion for creating new music, Luke plays a crucial role in the production of the Bands original music. He also plays harmonica, bass, percussion and sings.


Jenna is the rhythm guitarist and main song writer as well as producer of  the band’s recorded original music. Singing on stage since she was little, she’s always had a passion for live performance. She also plays the piano. Jenna is married to Luke.


As the oldest sister of the Walmsley family, Holly paved the way as a singer and performer for her younger sisters. Her experience as a 90's New Zealand television celebrity when she was 9-11years old, gave Holly plenty of camera experience up her sleeve.  She is a­­ guitarist, plays percussion, and sings.